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Only once in thousands of years


古典和浪漫. 超然綻放.

Classical and romantic, super bloom.



At the end of the last century, after using the traditional chopsticks dating back for over 3000 years it went through a transformation.
Chopspoons, the new beginning.

美善 。絕配

Good pairing!


Aesthetic feeling


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Chopspoons has the characteristics of traditional chopsticks but it is more functional in use and the aesthetic design pleases the eye. The tip curves as a spoon so one does not need to use much effort to grasp food but can easily and elegantly pick rice and dishes from the bowl; flat and squared stick allows one to gain a good grasp of the Chopspoons; the end is fitted with adjustable and removable metal buckle chain. You may use this one simple dining utensil to pick, grasp, thread, wrap, whisk, cut, fork or scoop with new kind of ease; easily pick up pieces of different size or shape, soft and tender or oily and slippery pieces of food; always maintaining style, grace and etiquette when dining.

Materials are all in accordance with international standards for use as dining utensil, now available in synthetic resin, metal and wood.

For different preferences and styles, Chopspoons comes in three basic styles: Ordinary / Refined / Wide. In addition Chopspoons is available in Adult's and Children's size.

說明 :

羹子筷具有傳統筷子的 一切性能特徵, 并将實用性与外形美推向極致, 首部設計成匙羹凹槽, 用餐時無需瑣屑的副助舉動, 輕鬆端雅地 夾瓢碗中飯肴; 扁方形桿部握於手中格外渾實愜意 ; 末部佩以可調教或卸除的金屬扣鍊 , 令操作更灑脫自如. 使用時無須更換餐具而對食物進行夾瓢, 產生撈、撕 、捲、攪、 切、叉以及 勺等新效果 , 鬆容夾取種種大小、易爛和軟滑的食物, 充分體驗個人禮儀和風格.

物料採用國際食用級餐具標準, 包括: 合成樹脂, 金屬, 原木等.

因應飲食場合和個人喜好的不同需要, 羹子筷提供三個基本款式: 普通型 / 纖巧型 / 豪曠型. 另分有兒童裝及成人裝.


  我們採用可循環再造原料, 尤其是木製系列只限量生產.
We use recyclable materials, only limited production especially for wood series.


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